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"The food is absolutely delicious. I love the unique food items and the variety of food that we get over the course of the week.  I also love the hearty options that every meal offers." - Charlie Blackstock, Pi Kappa Phi, Colorado University Boulder

"Christi and MBC have been GREAT to work with. They listen and address concerns as well as providing excellent service. We have enjoyed having them provide our meal service. Bottom line - our brothers like MBC's food and staff!" - Steve Ehrlich, Zeta Beta Tau, University of Denver

"Chef Steve is just phenomenal! We are incredibly lucky to have such a talented chef who really cares about our food and quality of life. Hiring a company with professionals instead of managing our own kitchen is the best decision we have made toward improving our house." - Thank you from Pi Kappa Phi, Colorado University Boulder

Mountain Berry Culinary - Fuel your house!

Become the hero of your house, the champion of your chapter! Let Mountain Berry Culinary provide your house with fresh, high-quality meals prepared from scratch right in your kitchen!

- We’ve been Colorado’s leading food program management

   provider to fraternities and sororities since 1999.

- Meal plans are tailored to your desires, schedule and budget.

- Our pricing is well below our competition, and the cost of
   university cafeteria plans.

- No delivery charge. No gratuity. No hassles.

- We listen, and serve only the foods that you love!

- Our chefs are professionals with a passion for great food.

Elevate life in your house to a step above the ordinary, and

gain a powerful recruiting tool!  Whatever the need, we’ve got the solution!


Convenience. Meals can be cooked off-site, or at your house.

We prepare your meals at set times that work around your busy schedule.

Professionalism & Efficiency. Our chefs are trained culinary professionals, and we have over sixteen years of experience in food service management and providing unrivaled service.

Quality. We use only the freshest, vine-ripened produce, farm fresh dairy, wholesome grains, and choice meats to ensure that you get only the very best!

Value. We provide great food at a fraction of the cost, to keep you satisfied, sharp, and alert through the days and long nights!

Contact owners Steve & Christi today at 720.515.6622 or
and find out why our clients love our food and service!

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